What They’re Saying:

Jim Auck – Treasurer of the Corona Police Officers Association

“We cannot afford to lose funding for law enforcement officers in exchange for a socially responsible investment policy…The CalPERS board has a fiduciary responsibility to the membership to deliver the best returns possible.”

Sacramento Bee, Jul. 17, 2017

Joe Nation, Ph.D. –Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, former Democratic member of the California state Assembly

“Pension costs have crowded out and will likely to continue to crowd out resources needed for public assistance, welfare, recreation and libraries, health, public works, other social services, and in some cases, public safety.”

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, October 2, 2017

Orange County Register Editorial Board

“It is easy to be a “socially responsible” investor with other people’s money. But when those politically manipulated pension portfolios fail to meet the retirement systems’ lofty investment return assumptions, it jeopardizes the financial health of the systems established to provide benefits to millions of government employees and that force taxpayers to make up the difference.”

Orange County Register, Apr. 7, 2017